CV Buckeye Scarlett (Scarlett)

Meet Scarlett: She has an excellent pedigree and temperament, and we are excited to have her in our breeding program.

  • Date of Birth: 10-11-2017
  • Size: Standard
  • Color: Chocolate
  • WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association) registration # – WALA00008366
  • ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) registration # – ALAA – 066809
  • OFA Cardiac – normal
  • OFA Eyes – clear
  • OFA Hips prelim – good; elbows – norma
  • OFA Patella – normal
  • praPRCD – normal
  • Von Willebrand – normal
  • DM – normal
  • EIC – normal
  • IC Locus – F/F (Furnishings)
  • E Locus – E/e (carries yellow/red)

Please click here to view Buckeye Scarlett’s WALA pedigree, and please click here to view Scarlett’s ALAA pedigree.

CV Buckeye Scarlett came to us from Colonial Village Labradoodles. Scarlett’s pedigree is excellent – with lines originating in Australia, and she has passed all of her health testing (see above). With a gorgeous silky chocolate fleece coat, and the ability to produce multiple colors, we are certain her puppies will be absolutely phenomenal.

First Week

‘First night in my new home’

February, 2018

      ‘Sitting still is hard’

6 months

    ‘I’ll look up if you insist….’




   ‘I love meal time!’




‘It’s all about the toys – every day!’


Big girl

‘I am such a HAPPY girl…..all the time!’