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CV Humble and Kind (Oakley)

Meet Oakley: Oakley is a loving, sweet boy, who loves playing and sleeping. He has a wonderful chocolate parti fleece coat, and is always full of kisses. He is a wonderful addition to our program!

  • Date of Birth: 2-2-2022
  • Size: Large Medium
  • Coat Type: Fleece
  • Color: Chocolate Parti
  • WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association) registration # – WALA00043808
  • ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) registration # – ALAA – 113027
  • OFA Cardiac – normal
  • OFA Eyes – clear
  • OFA Hips prelim – good; elbows – normal
  • OFA Patella – normal
  • praPRCD – normal
  • Von Willebrand – normal
  • DM – normal
  • EIC – normal
  • IC Locus – F/F

Please click here to view Oakley’s WALA pedigree, and please click here to view his ALAA pedigree.


CV Humble and Kind (Oakley) came to us from our friends at CV Labradoodles. He has passed his OFA Eye exam and all of his genetic health testing, which you can view here. Oakley has a beautiful chocolate parti fleece coat, and will surely help us to produce amazing puppies!  Oakley lives with his pawrents, his 4 human siblings (Richard, Ava, Nikolas, and Anna), and canine brother, Dizzie (Dixie x Finn), who is from our program. His family is part of our Pawsome Partners program. Oakley’s human sister, Ava, provided insight on Oakley, below.

Oakley is a sleepy, but playful boy who loves his bedtime Snuggle Puppy, swimming in the pool, belly rubs (lots of them!), playing with children, going for walks, cuddles, and of course his big brother, Dizzie, son of Aussie L Snickers (Finnegan) and Riverbend Spread Your Wings (Dixie). Oakley loves chasing Dizzie and getting the ‘zoomies’ in the backyard.


He is a very nosy dog and loves getting in everyone’s business. If you are ever laying down on a couch, he will come snuggle up right next to you because he’s afraid he’ll miss something important. He loves to follow everyone to make sure that he’s included at all times.


When we first got Oakley, we didn’t know that he would have a love for air conditioning. Every day he will lay on the cool kitchen or bathroom floors and spread his body out in front of the air vents. He loves going for rides in the car and sitting in the passenger seat so that the air vents are facing directly towards him.


He has the cutest little trot whenever he comes to see someone and just showers them with kisses. Oakley has been the best puppy and little brother/best friend to Dizzie and was a great addition to our family!