Guardianship Opportunities

We will be offering Guardianship Opportunities in Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas. Please contact us to learn more!

In order to expand our breeding program, from time to time we will select pups from our litters to do so. Whereas, we would love to keep all of these pups in our own home, we cannot be selfish. In all fairness to our fur-family members, as well as these pups, we believe that our pets are a vital part of family life. Guardianship offers an opportunity for individuals/families to enjoy an amazing Australian Labradoodle, and the pup to thrive with their guardian home’s family environment. Guardian homes are ideally within a 25 mile distance from us – Northeast Ohio. These ‘pick of the litter’ pups will begin residing in their ‘guardian homes’ from the time they are approximately 8 weeks of age. However, there will be periods of time in which the pups/dogs will need to be with us for breeding purposes.

With a commitment to specific requirements, including care, training, and an initial ‘down-payment,’ those that qualify will care for, and raise them.  And, ultimately have the opportunity to own their amazing Labradoodle. For those who express interest, we will schedule a meeting to discuss our requirements, and of course, answer any/all questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Guardianship Opportunities in Northeast Ohio, Australian Labradoodles

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Guardianship Opportunities in Northeast Ohio, Australian Labradoodles

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