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Our Process/Pricing

Our Process

  • Process: We are a small, home-based program, and at Deer Pines Labradoodles (DPL), from pre-natal to post-natal, our ‘mama’ dogs will receive loving care, as well as the very best veterinary care and nutrition. Our puppies leave here with a head start on crate and potty training, and set up for success.
    • For those interested in adopting a puppy from us the first step is to complete our Adoption Application by clicking here. We will respond by phone and/or email to each application within 24 hours of receipt. We pride ourselves on a thorough screening process. Our objective is to do everything we can to ensure that our puppies are going to live their best lives in a safe and loving environment, where they will receive positive reinforcement training, and adequate attention, which includes mental and physical stimulation. Aligning with this objective, we do reserve the right to deny adoption applications.
    • With each of our litters our primary goal is to lay a foundation that will set our puppies up for success in their new homes.
      • WE WILL:
        • follow the general concepts of Jane Killion’s Puppy Culture program, which will include the following (plus a few additional items):
          • early neurological stimulation (ENS), early scent introduction (ESI), emotional resiliency exercises, enrichment, play, socialization, AND, a jump-start on crate and potty training.
            • POTTY TRAINING: starting at 3 weeks old our puppies are introduced to potty trays. This helps to teach them to go potty in one area so the transition home relative to potty training is MUCH easier.
            • CRATE TRAINING: starting at 5 weeks old our puppies will have structured days with NAPS in crates throughout the day, and sleeping overnight (10:00pm – 6:00am) in the crates. This process gets our puppies comfortable with a daily schedule that includes naps in a crate AND overnight sleep in a crate.
        • focus heavily on desensitization, as puppies have many fears. For example:
          • we will expose them to:
            • many types of noises, from thunderstorms and fireworks to animal sounds, household machines, and a variety of music.
            • human touch (from not only us but several of our helpers), which includes touching their feet, faces, ears, tails and mouths.
            • and, various textures under their feet.
        • share your puppy’s growth and development journey with you through regular/daily updates through any/all of the following: text messages, emails, our Facebook and Instagram pages.
          • we believe that our puppy families should enjoy the journey (and be educated), so they can be well-prepared to bring their puppies home.
    • Once your Adoption Application is approved, we will discuss the required Deposit/Payment Arrangements (below).
      • Upon receipt of your deposit we will confirm your reservation by emailing you a receipt. Going forward we will keep you updated as to the progress of the ‘Mama’s pregnancy.’ Please note that Mother Nature plays a large role in all of our breeding plans. Our commitment is to do everything possible to attain a successful breeding for each of our planned litters, which is why we use a world-renowned Reproductive Veterinarian, Dr. Robert Hutchison (Animal Clinic Northview, North Ridgeville, Ohio) – along with his terrific associates.
        • We cannot guarantee size, gender, or coat colors for any of our puppies. Additionally, we cannot commit to the number of puppies per litter, before they are born. For these reasons, we do encourage you to be flexible on gender and color.
        • Puppies will be allocated based on the order in which reservations are received for each litter.
          • When your puppy is approximately seven (7) weeks old, we will reach out to request the name you have chosen for your puppy. At this point, we will begin using their name until they leave us to live their best life with you!
      • All puppies will remain with us until they are eight (8) weeks old, based on Ohio law.
    • Prior to going to their furever homes, all pups will be vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated appropriately for their age, and have multiple de-worming treatments – based on veterinary best practices.
    • ALL companion pets must be spayed/neutered. Our Spay/Neuter process will be reviewed during our initial interview.
    • LIFETIME SUPPORT: We believe in forming relationships with our puppy families, so we not only LOVE PUPDATES from them, but we are here for support, ALWAYS.

Payment Arrangements/Pricing

When your application is received, DPL will contact you after reviewing it. Our objectives are to learn about you, have you learn about us and our process, and to feel confident that your adoption of one of our puppies will be suitable based on the insight you provide.

Upon acceptance of your application, we require a $500.00 (non-refundable) deposit – **by personal check or certified check/money order**. The adoption fee for our puppies is $3250.00, plus the applicable Ohio Sales tax (for Summit County). When the puppies arrive, we will reach out to you, and at that time we require a $1375.00 payment (**per the above methods**). And, at six (6) weeks of age, the balance of $1375.00 plus the applicable Ohio sales tax (for Summit County) will be due.

Furever families will be required to complete our Companion Pet Contract before taking ownership of their new puppy.


Once we have spoken with you and approved your application, you are welcome to make your deposit through GOOD DOG or pay us directly.

Please connect with us to discuss either option.