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Puppy Training Resources


Transitional Training 

Some families that reserve our puppies have never raised a puppy. Therefore, they are nervous about it and interested in bringing home a puppy that has a full head-start on training – immediately following the development work we do here. For families with this interest we LOVE to refer them for TRANSITIONAL TRAINING. This means they leave us (at 8 weeks old) and go directly to our Training Partner, The Grateful Dog LLC. Transitional training is done in the trainer’s home, NOT a kennel. Your puppy will be trained by a Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer.  This basic training includes the following (taken from their website):

    • Crate training – ensuring the dog can be calm, comfortable, and quiet in a crate with or without people in the house.
    • Potty training – teaching the dog to eliminate only outside. Depending on the age of the puppy, this won’t be mastered after 3 weeks.
    • Socializing – being exposed to and getting comfortable with all kinds of people of different races/gender/abilities/forms of dress. Your pup will also be exposed to and getting comfortable being around other dogs.
    • Basic commands: such as sit, touch/recall, down, etc.
    • Follow-Up Meeting  – This is a 1-1 1/2 hour session provided upon pick up of your dog and should be scheduled in advance to ensure enough time. In this session, we will review the progress of your dog and you will receive protocols for reconnecting with your dog back home with continuing success.

The Grateful Dog LLC also offers other training options, including Virtual Consultation, Pre-Puppy Virtual Consultation, Private In-Home, and Stay and Train.




(Training for Puppy Families and Puppies)

As Australian Labradoodle breeders, we work very hard on the stimulation and development of well-rounded puppies. However, we only have them for the first eight (8) weeks of their lives, and stimulation and development is ongoing. Once they leave us, the training must continue with consistency. In fact, we highly recommend that you begin Puppy Owner training BEFORE you pick up your adorable fur baby from us. It is critical that you understand how to communicate with your puppy for the most successful relationship with them. For this reason we offer Deer Pines Puppy Training Resources. We have attended in-person classes with all of our adult dogs, however, we have found that our very favorite program is
Baxter & Bella’s Online Puppy School.

This program provides LIFETIME ACCESS, and the cost is incredibly reasonable for the large volume of resources they offer. In fact, the initial modules of training are focused on preparation BEFORE you bring your puppy home, and essentially ‘training’ puppy families. We purchased this program to use with our dogs, and utilize concepts of the program with the puppies while they are with us. Please feel free to take advantage of Deer Pines Puppy Training Resources. AND, with our discount code (DEERPINES) you can purchase this program for 25% off which makes it LESS THAN $200.00 for a LIFETIME of use. When purchasing, CLICK HERE and select the Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY All Access.Deer Pines Puppy Training Resources

Click Here to MEET AMY JENSEN, founder of Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School! Click Here for a very brief video about ‘training your puppy from home.’

Please see below for insight and to LEARN MORE about Baxter & Bella’s program – and how you can prepare for your puppy, and also how to train yourselves and your puppies FROM HOME!

Deer Pines Puppy Training Resources