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Riverbend Spread Your Wings (Dixie) – RETIRED

Meet Dixie: She is loving and playful, has an awesome pedigree, and we are excited that she will be part of our breeding program.

  • Date of Birth: 6-6-2018
  • Size: Medium
  • Coat Type: Fleece
  • Color: Caramel
  • WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association) registration # -WALA00008379
  • ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) registration # – ALAA – 070645
  • OFA Cardiac – normal
  • OFA Eyes – clear
  • OFA Hips prelim – fair; elbows – normal
  • OFA Patella – normal
  • praPRCD – normal
  • Von Willebrand – normal
  • DM – normal
  • EIC – normal
  • IC Locus – F/F (Furnishings)

Please click here to view Dixie’s WALA pedigree, and please click here to view Dixie’s ALAA pedigree.

Dixie came to us from Riverbend Labradoodles. She has a beautiful, rich, caramel fleece coat, and gorgeous hazel eyes. Dixie has passed all of her health testing, which you can view here. We know that she never lacks loving attention from her wonderful family, who are part of our Pawsome Partners program. We requested their insight, so that we could share it with you (below).

Dixie is very playful, affectionate, and eager to learn and please. She loves being engaged in training, or play – especially with her favorite tug toy! Dixie loves: cuddles, belly rubs, exploring, and meeting new people. Everyone who meets her quickly falls in love with her! We feel she is the perfect family dog!


And, please see the special commentary below about Dixie from one of her human siblings – who chose Australian Labradoodles in response to her school ‘OPINION’ project:


‘Australian Labradoodles are the best dogs ever, there are many reasons I feel this way.’ One reason Australian Labradoodles are the best dogs ever is they’re cute, cuddly, and playful. One example is a one time I was laying on the couch and she came over to me and fell asleep on me. Another time I was playing with her and she stopped what we were doing and jumped on me and started to kiss me all over. Australian Labradoodles are hypo-allergenic. My friend is allergic to dogs, but not to Australian Labradoodles.’

Photo credit: Brainstorm Photoz